The new omnichannel reality - Online Personal Assistant

One of the realities of the post-COVID era is the increase in the use of e-commerce by new users. 79% of Spaniards say they have made an online purchase in the last month, and 42% have done so from a mobile phone. (source: Expansión newspaper)

The new digital user seeks digital attention equal to what they are used to when shopping in the physical store, in terms of customer service.

Remarkable has launched one of the first online personal shopper services at, which connects the digital user, from anywhere, with a seller in store. It is the new omnichannel reality.

We offer a comprehensive service: consulting services, selection of specific personnel, training in digital skills and results management. We are even prepared to design your Dark Store in order to provide a 100% personalized service for the brand.

After 20 years of research and development of new tools in Retail, we have found the definitive omnichannel solution, so that users can solve all the doubts that may arise when making the purchase online, in the same way as they would do in a physical store, asking the specialist seller and thus we will increase the satisfaction ratios.

In addition to the Online Personal Assistant service, we also offer Live Stream Selling, the ability to create interactive demo and purchase events. Live Stream Selling events are a tool that not only help to connect with the buyer in new personalized ways, but also to make the physical retail spaces and staff profitable at peak times.

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